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Tragically, Macy was taken away from us when she was mauled to death.

Macy's Legacy Merchandise

Local Community Donates to Funding Page and Carries on Macy’s Legacy

A funding page was set up by Cris Watson-Hope via ‘Ryhope Have Your Say’ Facebook Group to help towards vets fees and this raised over £600. We were so overwhelmed with the community’s kindness and generosity shown towards Macy and our family, that we decided to donate all of the monies raised to support local dog charities. These include the Dog’s Trust and ‘Happier Days for Strays’.  

As you can see from the photograph, we are in the process of supplying dog beds and blankets, each individually labelled with the Macys-Legacy website address, to make as many people aware of Macy’s Legacy and what we are all collectively trying to achieve. 

Macy's Legacy Merchandise

MP Backing

Another success for Macy’s Legacy. The Member of Parliament for Sunderland Central, Julie Elliott has written to George Eustice, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, regarding EDM 1954, which calls on the Government to consider changing the law to provide the same level of protection to Companion Dogs as that currently awarded to Assistance Dogs under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

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