Macy was often referred to as the ‘little dog from the Wizard of Oz’.

Macy was often referred to as the ‘little dog from the Wizard of Oz’. We had thought about calling her Toto as she looked like the Cairn terrier in the film, but decided to give her a name that was personal to us.

Three years before Macy came into our lives, we were engaged in New York and after we got married decided we wanted a dog. After having Cairn terriers in the family as a child, we knew that was the breed for us. In May 2010, we collected this gorgeous little pup from Yorkshire and brought her back to Sunderland. In keeping with the New York connection, we gave her the Kennel Club name of Macy Manhattan, known as Macy.

Macy was a typical Cairn, full of life, stubborn and independent. She loved chasing squirrels, playing with her ball and going to the beach.

When Macy was one, she swallowed a fish-hook. One minute she was enjoying a walk and then the next, had a fishing line hanging out of her mouth. Fortunately, the fish-hook was baited and thankfully she made a full recovery.

Our lives revolved around Macy. We took her to country parks and on doggie holidays. She always had company, spending half of the week with my elderly mother, Margaret, whilst we were at work and the rest of the time with us.

In March 2020 during COVID lockdown, we decided to leave Macy with my mother indefinitely. They loved being with each other and we knew they would keep each other company.

On Friday,12th June 2020, when my mother was walking Macy in a residential area on a lead, Macy was subjected to an unprovoked and completely unexpected attack by two out of control, unaccompanied bull-mastiffs. My mother and the neighbours who helped were physically uninjured but mentally scarred.

Macy spent the next 6 days being cared for by specialist vets but sadly lost her struggle for life and passed away on 18th June 2020.

Lockdown Memories from My Mother, Margaret 

What a character Macy was! Of all the dogs I’ve lived with before, Macy was truly special and we formed a unique bond. She was intelligent, intuitive, sensitive, bossy, mischievous and extremely loyal. Time spent with her was an absolute joy.

Lockdown meant we were together 24/7 and I never felt lonely as long as we were together. Communication between dog and human is so special and I feel honoured and privileged to have shared time with Macy, such a very special, dearly loved family member.

Macy brought so much to my life. She was my constant companion – she loved being a member of a Youth Group I used to run, travelled happily by bus or metro, visited friends sitting patiently while we talked, enjoyed family holidays in dog-friendly places and the beach.

She was very precious to me and memories of her will stay with me forever.

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